About our workforce

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training had 527 full-time equivalent employees as at 30 June 2018 as per Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information (MOHRI) data. The department had a headcount of 562 people.

The department brings together workforces from the following departments as a result of the machinery of government changes:

  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Tourism, Events and Small Business
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Department of Science, Innovation and Information Technology
  • Department of Energy and Water Supply
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Department of National Parks, Sport and Recreation
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

We have a diverse workforce profile with the following diversity profile:

Table 8. Diversity profile

Diversity groupHeadcount actuals as of 30 JuneAs a percentage of the total workforce
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 17 3.07%
People with a disability 21 3.77%
Non-English speaking background 80 14.44%
Women in the workforce 404 72.92%

Table 9. Diversity profile

Diversity groupHeadcount actuals as at 30 June 2018As a percentage of the relevant classification groups
Women in senior leadership roles (SO, SES, CEO) 23 51.1%
Women in leadership roles (AO6, AO7, AO8, PO5, PO6 and equivalent) 125 74.8%

The department is making good progress towards the Queensland Government 2022 diversity targets and has already met the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-English speaking background targets.

In early 2018–19 the department will develop its People Strategy which will target the attraction, selection, development, engagement and retention of an ethical, diverse and inclusive workforce. In addition to the People Strategy, the department will target specific strategies on 2 key areas—increasing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce participation and developing our future women leaders.

About our industrial and employee relations framework

We have a robust industrial and employee relations framework underpinned by the Industrial Relations Act 2016 and associated instruments:

We have established relationships and governance arrangements with the Together Union. The department is committed to engaging proactively with the union to discuss employee and industrial relations matters, including workplace change.

Supporting our employees to do the right things right

We recognise that employment in the public service is a position of trust and as such we hold ourselves and our colleagues to a high standard. The code of conduct for the Queensland Public Service was a key tool in setting the standards we upheld.

To ensure our people were aware of these standards, information about the code of conduct was provided to new employees as part of their induction. Our code of conduct e-learning module continued to be mandatory, with staff required to undertake an annual refresher.

In 2018–19, the department will establish its own learning management system to manage mandatory and discretionary learning covering topics such as the code of conduct, information security, information privacy, domestic and family violence, cultural capability, and fraud and corruption.

Supporting our health, safety and wellbeing

During the reporting period there was a focus on health, safety and wellbeing with the following key initiatives:

  • establishment of an Employee Assistance Service in partnership with Benestar
  • promotion of Red25 to support the Red Cross Blood Bank drives
  • working with pre-machinery of government agencies to manage existing WorkCover matters
  • ensuring our employees are supported to remain at work or return to work as soon as possible after an injury or illness
  • offering support services including counselling and support to all employees and their families, as well as specialised professional case management service to support people affected by domestic and family violence
  • participation in the recover@work pilot initiative to support employees returning to the workplace via alternative placements.

The department is proudly White Ribbon Accredited and will continue to implement key initiatives, policies and support for employees affected by domestic and family violence.

Supporting new ways of working

We are committed to supporting working arrangements that supported our people to balance their professional and personal lives. During the reporting period we promoted flexible working arrangements, including the Let's Talk About Flex initiative. All positions advertised reference flexible working arrangements, and where possible the department utilised the flexible full-time/part-time type of employment on SmartJobs.

Early retirement, redundancy and retrenchment

During the period, zero employees received redundancy packages at no cost to the department.

Separation rate

Due to the impact of machinery of government changes on the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, a separation rate is not able to be calculated for the 2017–18 report.

Last updated 28 September 2018

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