With advice and support Juan was able to grow his business

Juan Walker's Indigenous tourism business in Far North Queensland is offering Australian and international visitors an authentic and unique tour experience.

Starting small, Juan self-funded the beginnings of Walkabout Cultural Adventures. He now offers cultural and sightseeing tours, with options for private and tailor-made tours to provide flexibility for visitors. Carefully managing business growth, Juan has developed strong international business relationships with tour wholesalers. His passion comes from sharing his Aboriginal culture, which has proved the foundation for his great reviews, word-of-mouth bookings and business growth. Juan's goal is to further develop his business and employ other Aboriginal people in his community.

Walkabout Cultural Adventures has been recognised as an outstanding Aboriginal business, selected for Tourism Australia's Signature Experience collective, Discover Aboriginal Experiences.

Juan walker from Walkabout Cultural Adventures

Image: Juan Walker, Walkabout Cultural Adventures

Daniel has grown his social media and online presence with great reviews

The Walker family faced a difficult future in 2014 after prolonged drought forced them to completely destock their property. With tourism the region's second biggest industry, Daniel decided to jump on board to ensure the property's viability through tours and unique visitor experiences.

Daniel spent the 2014 'off-season' researching and preparing for tourists with the Camden Park Station officially opened to visitors in 2015.

It offers visitors the opportunity to experience a working property as well as other historic and natural attractions on the property. With over 3,000 visitors to the station in 2017, the business was awarded an Outback Mates Award at the Outback Queensland Tourism Awards. With help from a Small Business Digital Grant, their social media and online presence has grown with great reviews.

Daniel Walker from Camden Park Station

Image: Daniel Walker, Camden Park Station

Last updated 28 September 2018

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