Queensland Small Business Strategy

We are developing the next Queensland small business strategy to build a strong and resilient small business sector to support growth and jobs. Find out more about the strategy.

The Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 is positioning Queensland as the place for small businesses to start, grow and employ.

The strategy focuses on stronger advocacy for small business, simplified and coordinated service delivery and connecting small business to opportunity. It puts in place programs that help small business grow, innovate and take advantage of digital platforms.

The first few years in business are often the toughest, and the Queensland Government is delivering targeted support for business to get a better start, survive the first 4 years and increase their digital capabilities. It also provides specific support for regional business, recognising how vital they are to their local communities and the Queensland economy.

Through this strategy, the government is a champion for small business, with stronger advocacy at state and federal government levels, as well as strengthening collaboration between government and stakeholders.

Key themes

There are 3 key themes to the strategy: advocate, enable, and empower. Each theme has its own focus and range of programs with a specific aim to assist small business owners to succeed.

Some of the new and enhanced programs include:

Advocate - a champion for small business

Enable - make it easier to do business

Empower - driving innovation, stronger businesses, growth and employment

Last updated 11 June 2020

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