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The department provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) to support apprenticeship and traineeship policies and procedures, and AASN Work Instructions.

These assist AASN Providers in exercising delegations and undertaking their role in regard to the administration of apprenticeships and traineeships in Queensland.

Concurrent training contracts – Version 2 (PDF, 205KB)

Electronic signing policy – Version 3 (PDF, 254KB)

Elite Sportsperson Apprenticeships and Traineeships (ESAT) – Version 3 (PDF, 338KB)

Forms with missing information – Version 2 (PDF, 261KB)

Parent/guardian access to training contract information – Version 3 (PDF, 219KB)

Supervision – Version 4.1 (PDF, 337KB)

Last updated 14 June 2022

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