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Replacement completion or extract documents and other apprenticeship and traineeship records are available from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training for apprenticeships and traineeships completed in Queensland.

Replacement records provided incur a fee of $19.35 payable to the department. Once the department receives your application, you will be contacted within 10 working days to discuss any records found, payment options and where documentation should be forwarded to. No payment is required with the initial application.

Applications can be made for the following documents from the Queensland Register of Apprenticeships and Traineeships:

  • Certified copy of completion certificate or extract noting completion of apprenticeship or traineeship
    A completion certificate is issued to apprentices and trainees by the department upon successful completion of their apprenticeship or traineeship. This certificate is separate from your qualification certificate issued by the training organisation. For replacement completion certificates, the year in which you completed your apprenticeship or traineeship will determine whether the department issues a certified copy of the completion certificate, or an extract from the register of apprenticeships and traineeships.

  • Certified copy of indentures
    Indentures were issued at the commencement of apprenticeships (prior to the early 1980s) and signed off on successful completion.

  • Extract from the register of apprenticeships and traineeships
    Extracts can be provided to apprentices and trainees who completed partial training in Queensland and are seeking credit for a recommencement of their apprenticeship or traineeship in another state or territory. Extracts will be issued if the apprenticeship or traineeship was not completed or the department has no other completion documentation.

While the department will endeavour to provide you with the documentation you have requested, we cannot guarantee this as some historical records may be unavailable. In these circumstances, an officer of the department will contact you to discuss further options.

Requests for documentation which is older than 65 years (from date of completion/cancellation of apprenticeship) is also publicly available from Queensland State Archives.

Applying for replacement documents

If you are seeking replacement records for your own records, you will need to complete and send the apprenticeship/traineeship historical records form (DOCX, 118 KB) to the department. Please ensure you save this file locally on your computer before completing. This will ensure the copy you forward to the department has been filled out.

If you need to give permission for the department to release any information we find in relation to your request for replacement records to a third party, you and that third party will need to complete the ATF-008 Authority to release information to a third party form in addition to the above form and forward to the department.

Last updated 4 April 2019

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