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June 2018
Credit and recognition of prior learning (PDF, 248 KB)

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Apprentices and trainees may apply and be granted credit for previous service or recognition of prior learning relating to an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Time credit for previous service

Time credit refers to previous service in an apprenticeship or traineeship, registered in Queensland or interstate. When a person begins or recommences a training contract in the same callings as their previously registered training contract, they:

  • will be given time credit if their previous training contract was in Queensland
  • may apply for time credit if their previous training contract was interstate.

Credit may also be given if the person has completed an approved pre-vocational course prior to entering the apprenticeship or traineeship. Details of approved pre-vocational course are listed against the relevant apprenticeship or traineeship on the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) website.

Time credit is applied against the nominal term of an apprenticeship or traineeship at the time of registration of a training contract. Any time credit that is applied reduces the balance of the nominal term to be served and subsequently affects the nominal completion date. Refer to the ATIS-019 Length of apprenticeships and traineeships information sheet.

Irrespective of any time credit that may have been applied, completion may take place at any time after the parties agree that the apprenticeship or traineeship has been completed.

It is the responsibility of the employer, apprentice or trainee and the supervising registered training organisation (SRTO) to negotiate a training plan and ensure the training is completed.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure apprentices and trainees are paid at the correct wage level. Advice on wages and entitlements can be obtained from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Any of the parties to the training contract may object to the amount of credit claimed or granted. A written objection must be submitted to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training within 14 days of receiving the letter confirming registration of the training contract. The written objection must include the reasons and the amount of credit claimed by the apprentice or trainee or the amount of credit the employer is prepared to grant.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) involves the assessment of the previously obtained skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training system of their apprenticeship or traineeship

The SRTO will carry out an RPL process, if required, and should do so prior to developing the training plan.

RPL cannot be claimed for experience, skills or knowledge gained since commencing the current apprenticeship or traineeship.

Credit transfer

Where a person has previously completed equivalent competencies or learning outcomes (formal learning) in the same field as their apprenticeship or traineeship, the person may apply for credit towards competencies in their current apprenticeship or traineeship.

Documentation of previous competencies achieved can be presented to your SRTO for assessment.

For further information


  • the nominated Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider regarding credit for previous service
  • a local training organisation, regarding RPL or credit transfer
  • Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94, regarding wage progression
  • Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210.

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Last updated 15 March 2021

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