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A training contract, completed and signed, is used to formalise the apprenticeship or traineeship relationship between the employer and apprentice or trainee. The training contract sign up and registration is facilitated by Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers.

By signing the training contract, the employer and apprentice or trainee indicate they understand and are bound by the conditions and associated obligations for the term of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Apprentices and trainees under 18 years of age and under the care and control of a parent or guardian, are required to have their parent or guardian provide signed consent to the apprenticeship or traineeship, however they are not a party to the training contract.

All the information on the training contract must be accurate and truthful. A registered training contract found to contain false or misleading information may lead to cancellation of the training contract.

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships

An employer who intends to employ a school-based apprentice or trainee should, in the first instance, gain support from the student's school for the school-based arrangement and negotiate the impact of work and/or training on the student's school timetable. Once this has been agreed, the employer may then contact an AASN provider to facilitate the signing of a training contract.


The apprenticeship or traineeship commences on the day agreed to by the employer and the person who is to become an apprentice or trainee. Once agreed, the following process must be followed:

  1. The employer is to contact an AASN provider to facilitate the signing of the training contract.
  2. The training contract must be signed within 14 days after the commencement of the apprenticeship or traineeship.
  3. The AASN provider should visit the workplace to perform an induction and advice the employer and apprentice or trainee of their obligations under the training contract.
  4. The employer must take all reasonable steps to ensure the signed training contract is given to the AASN provider within 28 days of commencement date.
  5. The employer and apprentice or trainee need to choose a training organisation to deliver training in the apprenticeship or traineeship. The AASN provider will contact the training organisation to obtain acceptance of their involvement in the apprenticeship or traineeship.
  6. The training organisation will contact the employer and apprentice or trainee to arrange an induction and negotiate a training plan that suits the needs of the workplace. This must happen within 3 months of the commencement date.
  7. On-the-job training should commence as soon as possible and not wait until the training organisation has developed a training plan.

Permanent transfer of a training contract

The process of commencement changes where a permanent transfer of an apprentice or trainee to another employer has been approved.

The ATIS-046 Transfer of a registered training contract - permanent or temporary information sheet provides further advice.

Employers of apprentices and traineees

Find information specific to you and your role as an employer of apprentices and trainees on our Business Queensland website.

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