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June 2018
Registration and regulation of Racing Queensland training contracts (PDF, 152 KB)

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Under the Further Education and Training Act 2014 (the Act), the Chief Executive of the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has delegated this authority to Racing Queensland (Racing Qld) to register and regulate training contracts for apprentices and trainees in the racing industry.

Racing Queensland's responsibilities

As a delegated authority, Racing Qld is responsible for complying with the legislative requirements of the Act.

Racing Qld must maintain evidence of the forms used and the processes followed when making decisions and exercising delegations under the Act.

In providing information to the department, Racing Qld must ensure that any personal information provided has been collected and is being disclosed in line with the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Metro Central regional office's role

The department's Metro Central (Nundah) regional office is responsible for the entry of all Racing Qld apprenticeship and traineeship transactions into departmental databases.

Registration of Racing Queensland training contracts

All racing industry apprenticeships and traineeships associated with Racing Qld are identified in the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) website.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers must forward the hard copy of the training contract to Racing Qld for approval and e-lodge the training contract to the Metro Central regional office for registration.

Racing Qld will consider the approval of the training contract and contact Metro Central regional office, who will provide registration numbers for registered training contracts to Racing Qld.

Racing Qld are responsible for all correspondence to the parties of the training contracts.

Racing Qld holds all documentation relating to the training contract.

Amendment of Racing Queensland training contracts

The following amendments to Racing Qld training contracts are identical to the processes used by all other apprentices, trainees and their employers:

Racing Qld must ensure these amendments contain all signatures required.

Completion of Racing Queensland training contracts

Completions of Racing Qld contracts are also identical to the mainstream process.

The training organisation will forward the completion agreement to Racing Qld rather than the regional office. Racing Qld will inform Metro Central regional office of completion details for input into departmental databases. The department will print the completion certificate and forward to Racing Qld for distribution to the completed apprentice.

Cancellations of Racing Queensland training contracts

To satisfy the requirements of the Act, written and signed applications are required to cancel Racing Qld training contracts, and they will be considered by a committee.

For further information

Phone the Metro Central regional office through Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210.

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Last updated 16 November 2018

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