The VET Pre-qualified Supplier (PQS) Agreement Delivery Schedule may only be amended by agreement between the department and the supplier.

Variations can include but are not limited to adding and removing qualifications or skill sets, and publishing and un-publishing on the department's website. It is the responsibility of the PQS to ensure that their Delivery Schedule and information published on the Queensland Training Information Service and the Queensland Skills Gateway is correct and up-to-date.

It is important to note:

  • All variations must be applied for online through the Variations Online (VOL) function that is part of the department's Purchasing Online (POL) system.
  • The department does not automatically update a PQS Delivery Schedule when a qualification is superseded or the PQS is no longer registered for a qualification; this is the responsibility of the PQS.
  • A PQS can only commence training in a new qualification or skill set as at the date approved by the department. Variations will not be backdated. Refer to your Delivery Schedule available through VOL for date of approval.
  • The department will take into consideration current compliance issues or sanctions imposed, including but not limited to Notices to Remedy Breach, Directives and Show Cause Notices.
  • You will be unable to request a variation if:
    • a Change in Control is pending the department's consent
    • you have been notified by the department that any of the following sanctions have been imposed on your PQS Agreement:
      • a Directive has been issued to cease enrolments in any or all qualifications under your PQS Agreement
      • a suspension of funding
      • a condition of no variations.
  • Variation requests will undergo an evaluation process that is consistent with the strengthened PQS entry requirements. Only variations that align with the intent of the program will be considered.

The government's aim is to assist working age Queenslanders without a post-school Certificate III or higher to obtain a qualification leading to a job outcome or advancement in the workplace. Therefore only entire qualifications and identified skill sets are subsidised on the relevant price list.

If you request a qualification in an Industry Training Group not already on your delivery schedule (also known as an unrelated industry area request) you will be required to provide additional information including verified training delivery for a minimum of six (6) months or more (depending on the qualification you are applying for) in the qualification (may include fee-for-service) and evidence of employer and industry support in the industry area being applied for.

The Industry Training Group is identified in the Priority Skills List and User Choice qualification and price list published on the department's website.

Important: Credit transfers, recognition of prior learning outcomes and third party delivery is not considered when evaluating variation requests. Verified training delivery is the issuance of relevant qualifications.

A variation request may take six (6) to eight (8) weeks to process before a final decision is made. All required documentation must be received by the department before the variation can be considered.

Please note: The supply of information supporting your variation request does not guarantee approval by the department. Each request will be assessed by the department on its own merits. The department may contact you to seek additional information and may conduct referee and industry checks in its assessment of your request.

Variations Online (VOL) - PQS user manual

The Variations Online - PQS user manual provides guidance for pre-qualified suppliers on how to make the agreement variations below using VOL. For skill sets, additional steps are published on the PQS skill set fact sheet (PDF, 194KB or DOCX, 420KB) to be completed prior to undertaking the steps set out in the PQS user manual below.

Introduction (DOC, 397KB)
Creating Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 674KB)
Editing Agreement Variation Request - General (DOC, 1.5MB)
Editing Agreement Variation Request - Pre-Qualified Suppliers (DOC, 1MB)
Copying Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 937KB)
Submit and Lodge Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 906KB)
Withdraw Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 672KB)
Request for Further Information (DOC, 933KB)
Lapsed Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 924KB)

Last updated 23 November 2018

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