The Queensland Government recognises the importance of streamlining regulation to make it easier to do business. To do this, the Queensland Small Business Advisory Council has established the Better Regulation Taskforce as a sub-committee to provide advice to government on improving regulation to support small business, to create a strong, profitable and globally competitive business environment. The Taskforce assumes the work of the former Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council.

The Taskforce has the responsibility for:

  • analysing regulatory issues which inhibit small business growth, impose a significant regulatory burden on small business, or create barriers to business entry in Queensland, with regard to all industry sectors and in comparison with other Australian jurisdictions
  • providing advice and recommendations to address unnecessary regulation and red tape impacting on small business
  • identifying new initiatives, reform projects or activities which could assist in streamlining government processes impacting on small business growth
  • reporting to the Queensland Small Business Advisory Council and the Queensland Government with recommendations on improving regulation across at least 3 industry sectors each year.

The Taskforce is currently undertaking a review of the regulatory environment of the eco-tourism, live music entertainment and start-up sectors. Once reviewed, the Taskforce will provide a report with recommendations to the Queensland Small Business Advisory Council that will ultimately be presented to the Queensland Government for consideration and response.


The members of the Better Regulation Taskforce are:

Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Report 2016

The Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Report 2016 outlined the findings and recommendations of a review, undertaken by the former Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council, to identify government compliance issues impacting on small businesses in the agriculture (fruit growing), manufacturing (light metals) and hospitality (cafes and restaurants) industries.

The Queensland Government's response to the report, including a whole-of-government action plan for how the response will be delivered, has also been released and is currently being implemented.

Last updated 24 December 2018

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