The Queensland Small Business Strategy 2024–27 will ensure Queensland's small businesses can continue to be innovative, adapt, grow and succeed.

The following key priorities for Queensland small businesses were identified during extensive consultation with the sector:

  • rising business costs
  • finding and retaining skilled workers
  • developing crucial business skills
  • accessing procurement opportunities
  • navigating government information.

The new strategy is focused on providing more support to Queensland small businesses, with many impacted by cost-of-living pressures. The strategy is designed to lower operating costs as well as increase opportunities, build business resilience and capability and grow diversity in the sector.

With Queensland's economy on an exciting new wave of growth, the strategy will also help small businesses to seize the procurement and supply chain opportunities available from the Queensland Government's Big Build program over the next 4 years.

Our vision

A thriving, resilient small business sector supporting local jobs and contributing to a strong economy across Queensland.

Our focus areas

Over 3 years, the strategy will deliver 20 actions across 4 focus areas to help small business grow and thrive. Actions within the focus areas address common themes and issues raised by small business stakeholders during consultation.

We are lowering costs for small businesses, by supporting them to reduce their energy, water and waste costs, and upskill through free training.

Our actions

  • Continue to lower energy costs by providing $650 electricity rebates for eligible small businesses.
  • Continue to support small businesses to reduce their business costs through delivery of the Queensland Business Energy and Savings Transition program.
  • Partner with Business Chamber Queensland to continue to deliver the ecoBiz program to help small businesses save money on energy, water and waste.
  • Continue Free TAFE to provide small businesses with free access to training.

We are supporting small businesses to access Queensland Government procurement opportunities through the Queensland Big Build program and in the lead up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will continue to provide small business grants and engagement support to help small businesses to grow, innovate and thrive.

Our actions

  • Increase procurement opportunities for small business.
  • Refreshed small business grants program.
  • New guidelines to minimise disruption during infrastructure works.
  • Build connections and foster innovation through delivery of an annual Queensland Small Business Month.
  • Deliver the Regional Place Activation program.
  • Support continued engagement with the small business community.

We are supporting small businesses to build a skilled and accessible workforce and to prepare for cyber threats and natural disasters. We are also reducing financial and mental health impacts for small business owners.

Our actions

  • Extend grant funding support to help small business to address workforce challenges.
  • Extend Business Chamber Queensland Workforce Evolve program.
  • Continue the Back to Work program.
  • Deliver a new Cyber Security Support program.
  • Support safe retail precincts.
  • Deliver one-on-one support for small business focused on mental health and financial security.
  • Continue the Small Business Financial Counsellors program.

We are helping to build diversity of Queensland's rich and varied small business sector, including through targeted support to Indigenous small businesses and social enterprises.

Our actions

  • Increase support to Queensland Indigenous businesses to grow the sector.
  • Deliver the Queensland Indigenous Business Network to increase Indigenous small business growth.
  • Deliver social enterprise grants and support sector partnerships.

How will we deliver

The implementation and delivery of initiatives under the strategy will be undertaken during the 2024–27 period flexibly to ensure the strategy responds to emerging needs and business changes over time.

The strategy will be monitored throughout its implementation to ensure the effectiveness of programs and alignment to outcomes.

More information

Stay up to date on the latest developments and initiatives under the Queensland Small Business Strategy 2024–27:

Last updated 30 May 2024

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