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SMS reminder service for employers

Our SMS reminder service helps you keep track of your obligations when managing your apprentice or trainee.

You'll receive SMS reminders at key milestones throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship.

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Apprentices, trainees and employers can always seek advice and support from:

  • their Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider
  • Apprenticeships Info (Department of Employment, Small Business and Training)
  • their training organisation.

For employers

Resolve issues during the apprenticeship or traineeship
Conflict resolution tips and processes for resolving issues with your apprentice or trainee, your training organisation, or your AASN provider.

Support for your apprentice or trainee
General assistance and specialist services to help your apprentice or trainee.

For apprentices and trainees

Disability support

Support for apprentices and trainees with disabilities is available from a range of sources and may be available for all parties – apprentices, trainees, employers and training organisations.

Support is best arranged at the commencement of employment and included in the training plan. Training organisations should provide information about the skills and abilities that are required for successful participation in the chosen apprenticeship or traineeship qualification.

Learning support

As part of their standards, training organisations are required to adhere to principles of access and equity which include provision of support services (e.g. support for those with language, literacy and numeracy difficulties).

You or your employer should talk to your training organisation about assistance. When the apprenticeship or traineeship is school-based, any learning difficulties should have already been discussed as part of your senior education and training (SET) planning process.

Training organisations

Prior to enrolment into training or prior to commencement of training (whichever is earlier), a training organisation is required to conduct an literacy/numeracy assessment to determine if you have the necessary per-requisite literacy and numeracy skills.

Training organisations should provide information to schools about the underpinning language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills that are required for successful participation in school-based apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications.


Schools have a responsibility to provide students with English/literacy and maths/numeracy as part of their school curriculum. Your school needs to ensure that the school-based learning supports you to acquire the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to equip you for your future.

Learning support for school-based apprentices and trainees is a shared responsibility between the training organisation and the school. For more information, contact the training organisation or the school.

Crisis support

As well as providing advice and assistance with the everyday issues of apprenticeships and traineeships, we recognise the need to support apprentices, trainees, employers and training organisations when more serious concerns arise.

If an issue has the potential to impact on your training contract, phone Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210 for assistance. Where an issue requires specialist attention, we may refer you to the appropriate community-based government agency for further assistance.

Read the ATIS-004 Assistance and support information sheet for details of advocacy services and community-based specialist services.

Fair treatment in the workplace

As an apprentice or trainee, you should be treated the same as any other employee. It is important that all parties know what is and isn't acceptable—or fair—in regards to the treatment and behaviours that is appropriate in the workplace. The ATIS-004 Assistance and support information sheet provides details of unfair treatment.

If you are being treated unfairly in the workplace you should take action as soon as possible. This may be difficult, but will provide the best chance to work through the problem. Contact your AASN provider or Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210 for assistance.

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