Support to train and retain is building a stronger, inclusive training system that delivers for apprentices, trainees and their employers, as well as our economy.

New initiatives to strengthen support for apprentices and trainees to complete their training are being implemented under Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032.

Find help and support for apprentices, trainees and employers.

These new initiatives extend the Queensland Government's response to a Queensland Training Ombudsman review, released in June 2022, which looked at support available after reports of sexual harassment and bullying of female apprentices and trainees.

Seven of the review's 12 recommendations related to female apprentices working in male-dominated trades, who continue to face gender-based barriers and lower completion rates.

Government's response and ongoing commitment acknowledges the need for urgent action along with longer-term cultural change.

Launched during Queensland's Women's Week (5–12 March 2023), a new social change campaign sets out to support apprenticeship and traineeship outcomes and drive lasting change, particularly for female apprentices, and women and girls aspiring for a great career in male-dominated occupations such as traditional trades.

Starting with respect, campaign activity aims to protect and project a positive image for skilled workforces – one where sexism, bullying and harassment are not tolerated, where difference is embraced and support is available for those who need it.

Importantly, series' first—let's protect respect—promotes support available to all apprentices, trainees and employers, so they know their rights and obligations, and where to turn if they need help. The campaign also empowers industries to call out unfair treatment to build workforces that are supportive and open to diversity, protecting both respect and the path forward for some of our most in-demand workforces.

Learn more about the let's protect respect campaign and access promotional materials.

Last updated 9 March 2023

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