Supporting Artisan Producers sets out a range of actions the Queensland Government is taking to foster growth, competitiveness, productivity and innovation in the artisan food and beverage sector.

Initiatives to help artisan food and beverage producers, outlined in Supporting Artisan Producers, include the following:

Licensing review

In 2019–20, the Better Regulation Taskforce (BRT) undertook an artisanal producers' regulation review to better understand the impact the regulatory system has on artisan food and non-alcoholic beverage producers, and reported their findings.

The Queensland Government response to the recommendations has been released and is being implemented. This response aligns with the government's ongoing efforts to improve the business operating environment and reduce red tape.

Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy

The Queensland Government is supporting the rapid expansion of the craft brewing industry by partnering with brewers through the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy. The strategy focuses on 3 key areas including investing in people and infrastructure, improving access to markets, and ensuring appropriate regulation and planning is in place to facilitate a supportive environment.

Read more about the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy (PDF, 3.7MB).

Queensland Business Launchpad

The Queensland Government has delivered the Queensland Business Launchpad, a new digital platform that makes it easier for small businesses to discover licences, permits and regulatory information tailored to individual business needs.

The platform benefits businesses by disentangling and streamlining the complex regulatory environment that may delay or impede businesses.

The Food Pantry

In May 2021, the Queensland Government launched The Food Pantry—a one-stop digital portal for food safety for both businesses and consumers.

It assists Queensland food businesses with information on how to start and run a business and meet food safety regulatory requirements, and access food safety training and teaching resources.

The Small Business Friendly program

The Small Business Friendly (SBF) program, led by the Queensland Small Business Commissioner, was established in Queensland to recognise and unite local governments (councils) that actively support small businesses in their community and to help small business recover and build resilience when faced with economic challenges.

SBF members join a community of like-minded councils where they can learn from each other via peer-to-peer learning, showcase improvements, and work out ways to better support their small business community – including artisan food and beverage producers.

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Last updated 23 June 2022

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