Supporting Artisan Producers sets out what the Queensland Government is doing to foster growth, competitiveness and innovation in the artisan food and beverage sector.

Initiatives to help artisan food and beverage producers, outlined in Supporting Artisan Producers, include the following:

Licensing review

The Queensland Government's Better Regulation Taskforce (BRT) is reviewing the licensing and process requirements for small artisan food and non-alcoholic beverage producers to access local markets and sell their goods to the public.

Review findings will be considered by the Queensland Government.

Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy

The Queensland Government is supporting the rapid expansion of the craft brewing industry by partnering with brewers through the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy. The strategy focuses on 3 key areas including investing in people and infrastructure, improving access to markets, and ensuring appropriate regulation and planning is in place to facilitate a supportive environment.

Read more about the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy (PDF, 3.7MB).

Queensland Small Business Launch Pad

The Queensland Government has committed to developing the Queensland Business Launch Pad. This project will deliver a customer journey-based platform for small businesses in the food and beverage sector to better understand their start-up and compliance requirements. The platform will benefit businesses by streamlining the complex regulatory environment that may delay or impede businesses.

Digital Food Safety Hub

The Queensland Government has also committed to further exciting food innovation projects, including launching the Digital Food Safety Hub where businesses will have access to a one-stop shop for legislative, licensing and training requirements, reducing the regulatory compliance burden for artisanal producers.

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Last updated 2 October 2020

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