The Further Education and Training Act 2014 (the Act) aims to deliver Queensland a modern and streamlined regulatory framework for apprenticeships, traineeships and other training related matters. It is focused on reducing red tape, removing unnecessary regulation and supporting consumers of vocational education and training services.

The Act retains the key concepts for apprenticeships and traineeships that exist in the current legislation. An apprenticeship or traineeship is still an employment-based training arrangement between an employer and apprentice or trainee.

The Act came into effect on 1 July 2014.

Key reforms

The Act includes significant reforms to the regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships and aligns a number of functions in Queensland with other states and territories.

Key changes in the legislation are to:

  • reduce the period for lodging a training contract to 28 days
  • simplify suspension and cancellation provisions and include a greater focus on the parties to the training contract resolving their issues and lodging documentation with consent
  • introduce a seven day cooling off period for mutually agreed cancellations and suspensions
  • introduce a permanent transfer process to allow an apprentice or trainee to transfer a training contract to another employer
  • remove unnecessary duplication of rights and processes in the VETE Act and Fair Work Act 2009 (Cwlth) and associated industrial instruments
  • align the treatment of apprentices with other employees to reduce complexity for employers and reduce barriers to employing apprentices and trainees
  • red tape reduction through a simplified amendment of training contract and training plan process
  • amended completion process to better allow for competency based completion
  • update to recognise current practice in the regulation of group training organisations and principal employer organisations
  • allow for the issuing of certificates of achievement to demonstrate the completion of work based training to support alternative training pathways to recognised qualifications.

Further information

View the Further Education and Training Act 2014.

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