Stay informed and have your say on the National Skills Reform.

On 31 August 2022, National Cabinet agreed on a vision statement and guiding principles for longer-term vocational education and training reforms under a new National Skills Agreement.

Read the agreed vision statement and guiding principles.

Skills Reform areas and consultations

Skills Ministers have reconfirmed their commitment to improved industry engagement arrangements, quality and qualifications reforms.

To ensure governments hear from all stakeholders, there will be a range of ways and opportunities to participate and provide input to help shape VET system reform. Find out more about Skills Reform.

Be part of the skills reforms and have your say on:

  • strengthened role of industry and employers in the VET system
  • improved VET qualifications design
    • The next round of stakeholder consultations on a new model for qualifications design is expected to begin in late October 2022 and continue into early 2023.
    • Find out more about qualifications reforms.
  • supporting high-quality training delivery
    • Draft revised 'Standards for Registered Training Organisations' (RTOs) and a supporting consultation paper have been released, with public consultation now underway.
    • Public consultation to inform the development of a VET Workforce Capability Blueprint is due in late 2022/early 2023.
    • Find out more about quality reforms.

For more information, visit:

  • Get Involved to participate in current surveys and provide submissions
  • Sign up to the Skills Reform mailing list to keep updated with the latest information on how you can have your say.

Last updated 9 November 2022

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