[Melissa Bradford – Workforce Connect Manager, MEGT]

Some of the biggest challenges facing employers are workforce attraction for one, and then retaining the workforce, two. The Workforce Connect Fund is part of the state government's workforce strategy. The Workforce Connect Fund is designed to address issues in industry such as retention and attraction.

[Matt Campbell – Chief People Officer, Kinetic]

As everyone knows, the labour market within Queensland, Australia at the moment is incredibly challenging. I think the licencing programmes that we've been able to do as part of this Workforce Connect Program have really helped to attract a new group of participants who perhaps haven't thought about doing bus driving in the past.

[Martin Hall – SEQ General Manager, Kinetic]

Initiatives to open the doors to people that previously had doors shut, it's certainly one big area that we can look at.

[Matt Campbell – Chief People Officer, Kinetic]

Through programs like the Workforce Connect Program, we’re running a car to bus licencing program and helping to improve diversity within our workforce.

[Katherine Schneider – Major Training]

The Enhanced Car2Bus project is supporting 300 people obtain their MR licence in Cairns, Townsville and South-East Queensland.
As part of the initiative, we're utilising virtual technology which will help us create environments that will develop safer drivers that are entering the industry.

[Martin Hall – SEQ General Manager, Kinetic]

The actual transition from people with car licences to buses has been upwards of 30%, and of that 30%, 30% of that has actually been women, which is a great outcome.

[Melissa Bradford – Workforce Connect Manager, MEGT]

Employers can get involved by reaching out to MEGT Australia and we can help to develop programs for them to onboard people into their organisation.

[Martin Hall – SEQ General Manager, Kinetic]

It's also really important to acknowledge the benefits that come with partnering with the department to allow people to upskill. It's all about good jobs and and future proof jobs of which this is certainly one.

The Car2Bus project in Queensland, supported by the $20 million Workforce Connect Fund, exemplifies an innovative approach to workforce development in the transport sector. This initiative, integral to the Good People, Good Jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 (QWS) transforms car licence holders into skilled bus drivers, addressing the urgent need for professional bus drivers in Queensland.

The Car2Bus initiative showcases a successful collaboration between apprenticeship network provider, MEGT Australia, Major Training and Australia's largest bus group Kinetic. This partnership highlights the value of multi-stakeholder efforts in solving workforce challenges.

A standout achievement of the Car2Bus project is its contribution to diversifying the workforce. Martin Hall from Kinetic notes, "Thirty percent of our new bus drivers are women," marking a significant step towards inclusivity, opening up new career avenues for underrepresented groups.

Katherine Schneider from Major Training discusses the project's use of virtual technology in driver training. This innovative approach provides a realistic and safe training environment, ensuring new drivers are well-prepared for the challenges of the road.

Melissa Bradford from MEGT highlights the impact of the Workforce Connect Fund, stating, "The Fund is designed to address issues in industry such as retention and attraction." This aligns with the Car2Bus project's objective to not only fill immediate job vacancies but also to create long-term employment opportunities.

The Workforce Connect Fund offers up to $1 million for large-scale initiatives that pioneer new workforce development strategies. It also aids small businesses facing HR challenges, providing grants of up to $5,000 for essential HR support.

Car2Bus demonstrates that strategic investments, innovative training, and collaboration can create a strong, diverse workforce, aligning directly with the goals of the 'Good People, Good Jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032'.

Learn more about the Workforce Connect Fund and Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032.

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Last updated 25 January 2024

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