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Thinking differently comes naturally to Alliance Business Technologies, a locally owned and operated information technology service provider in Brisbane.

The company delivers a range of IT-based solutions for its customers, including computing and technology products and 24-7 helpdesk support services.

With the competition for talent greater than ever before and workers becoming increasingly harder to attract and retain, Alliance Business Technologies knew they needed to make a change.

'We have many staff in our business, with all sorts of skills, attributes and backgrounds. We have recognised how tough the labour market is now and we decided we needed to look differently at how we attract and retain staff,' says General Manager Troy Radloff.

In pursuing this change, the company looked at their operations and considered a need for flexible working hours to support more parents and caregivers in the workplace.

'We recognised that not all prospective employees are available all day, 5 days a week.

'We saw an opportunity to attract and retain workers who are keen, able, and committed, but still need to be able to do the school drop-offs and pick-ups each day.

'We made it our strategy to increase the flexibility of our operating model to enable 9am–2pm working days for those who have school-aged children,' Mr Radloff said.

Alliance Business Technologies has since seen significant benefits across its whole workforce by taking this new approach.

The company is now tapping into a broader talent pool, accessing skills and capabilities that were previously difficult to attract, as well as increasing female participation in its workforce.

Mr Radloff shares, 'We are really pleased that we have tried something different in relation to our workforce, and it's paying off.

'It's helping us to be more successful and grow and that means positive outcomes for both our people and our business.'

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Last updated 27 February 2023

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