A skilled and high performing workforce is key to Queensland's economic growth and recovery.

Despite the strong response to challenges presented by COVID-19, Queensland businesses continue to face significant challenges across the skilled and unskilled workforce.

The Queensland Government hosted the Queensland Workforce Summit 2022 in Brisbane on 11 March 2022

Bringing together international and Queensland industry and economic experts, thought leaders and change makers, the Summit addressed current and future workforce challenges and generated plans for the future of work in Queensland.

The Summit focused on developing a collaborative plan for the next phase of our recovery.

The Summit generated innovative and practical solutions that are needed now to ensure Queensland has a ready workforce to support growth, strengthen our communities and keep Queensland at the forefront of new economic opportunities.

The Summit focused on:

  • developing cooperative actions to identify workforce challenges and address systemic challenges
  • gaining insights from industry experts and leaders
  • identifying creative opportunities to expand workforce participation
  • creating greater collaboration, networking and partnerships to build cross-sector and regional connections
  • identifying ways to support employers, jobseekers and regions to realise new opportunities
  • recognising the role of all levels of government and initiatives.

Last updated 1 August 2023

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