Summit summary and highlight videos

Find out what happened at the Summit by watching these videos:

Summit summary communique

Download the Summit Communique for a summary of Summit outcomes.

Visual story of highlights

During the Summit, visual artist Tatum Kenna developed live visual stories of some of the points raised in each of the plenary and workshop panel discussions.

Keynote address visual summary

Case studies

These case study videos showcase leading examples of how Queenslanders are implementing each of the Summit's plenary and workshop themes. We sincerely thank all organisations involved for helping to profile these great initiatives.

Plenary 1: 'Growing your own' through industry and place-based workforce approaches

Workshop 1: Shaping work ready Queenslanders through improved school to work experiences

Workshop 2: Maximising workforce participation

Workshop 3: Attracting and retaining staff in the new norm

Workshop 4: Skilling Queenslanders – now and into the future

Plenary 2: Harnessing future workforce opportunities

Last updated 5 April 2022

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