The 2018–19 Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 1MB) details the Queensland Government's $777.9 million investment in vocational education and training (VET) in the 2018–19 financial year.

Under this Plan, the government remains focused on providing training opportunities that will develop a skilled and flexible workforce that aims to improve our economy's productivity, helps more people start or further their careers and encourages businesses to establish and grow in Queensland.

Investment programs

The Plan outlines VET investment through the following key programs and strategic interventions:

Key priorities for 2018–19

Although core features and programs of the Plan remain much the same in 2018–19, the integration of the Training portfolio into the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training provides a significant opportunity for the Annual VET Investment Plan to work in closer partnership with our broader portfolio partners to provide all Queenslanders and small businesses with the opportunity to develop the skills required to participate and prosper in the economy.

While the programs within the Plan already focus on providing skills for jobs, and small businesses are significant funders and beneficiaries of the VET sector, the new department provides an opportunity to enhance how VET investment can better support these key Government objectives.

The Plan continues to recognise that economic and labour market changes are not being experienced consistently across Queensland, and in 2018–19 maintains its focus on strategies and initiatives seeking to reinvigorate regional communities through targeted interventions that align the supply of skills with job demand.

Industry demand for training that builds skills for real jobs remains strong in 2018–19, with the Plan placing particular emphasis on skills sets and qualifications underpinning advanced manufacturing, the rollout of the National Disability Scheme and opportunities presented by unprecedented growth in Queensland tourism and hospitality sectors.

2018–19 will also see a renewed focus on supporting priority groups under the Plan. This includes assistance for Queensland's Year 12 graduates, who can access free training in high priority qualifications identified by the Queensland Government and industry groups.

Priority Skills List

The Priority Skills List lists the qualifications and skill sets that attract a government subsidy under the Annual VET Investment Plan.

Annual document review

A range of policies, agreements, lists, fact sheets and other documents make up the VET investment framework.

Key policies and agreements have been reviewed, updated and published prior to the release of the 2018–19 Annual VET Investment Plan.

Additional supporting documents will be reviewed progressively and updated as necessary following the release of the Plan each year. Version control is applied.

To view information on the previous year, read the 2017–18 Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 1.5MB).

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Last updated 10 May 2019

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