What training is available?

A select number of qualifications and short courses currently in demand by industry are subsidised under JobTrainer. Additional qualifications and short courses may be added to the priority list based on ongoing industry advice on future job demand.

See the full list of JobTrainer subsidised qualification and short courses (Priority List).

All subsidised training opportunities for Queenslanders can be accessed on the Priority Skills List and User Choice Price List.

How can registered training organisations (RTOs) participate?

RTOs must be pre-approved by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training as a Skills Assure supplier (SAS) to deliver training and assessment services under JobTrainer.

SAS are invited to submit a business case to the department to request training places under JobTrainer.

SAS can apply to deliver under the JobTrainer if they have the required qualifications and/or short courses on their delivery schedule and have employer support for the proposed qualifications/short courses.

Read the JobTrainer Fund – SAS application frequently asked questions (PDF, 123KB).

How is subsidised training accessed?

The list of SAS approved to deliver each subsidised qualification or short course is published on the MySkills website.

What does it cost to complete a qualification or short course?

Short courses and lower level qualifications (up to a certificate III level) will be fully funded by the Queensland Government, with eligible students required to pay no fee.

Higher level qualifications (certificate IV and higher) will be funded at higher concessional subsidies, with eligible students required to pay a low fee at no more than $400.

The out-of-pocket expense for individuals will vary depending on the higher level qualification undertaken and the approved training provider chosen.

A co-contribution fee (if required) may be paid on behalf of a student by an employer or another third party but cannot be paid or waived by the SAS, or any organisation related to the SAS, unless approved by the department.

The subsidy payable to approved training providers on behalf of eligible students is detailed on the JobTrainer Priority List.

Who is eligible to undertake training?

To be eligible to enrol in a training place funded under JobTrainer, prospective students must:

  • permanently reside in Queensland, and
  • be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant), temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, or a New Zealand citizen, and
  • have finished school or no longer be at school (including home schooled), and
  • not already be enrolled in training (includes VET and higher education courses), and
  • not have previously completed a qualification funded under the JobTrainer Fund, and
  • either be a job seeker or a school leaver or young person.

Additionally, from 1 October 2021, prospective students can enrol in a digitial skills qualification, or an aged care, childcare or disability care workforce qualification, regardless of their age or employment status.

Further to the above eligibility requirements, specific restrictions and/or exemptions may apply to participate in certain subsidised qualifications or short courses, which will be based on industry advice or requirements under the relevant national training package and will be detailed in the JobTrainer Priority List.

What is the definition of a job seeker?

A job seeker means an individual aged 15 years or older who is:

  • out of work, or
  • in receipt of income support payments.

What is the definition of a school leaver or young person?

From 1 October 2021, a school leaver or young person means an individual who is aged 16–24 years, regardless of employment status. For enrolments prior to 1 October, the individual must be aged 17–24 years.

What are the new aged care, childcare, disability care or digital skills requirements?

From 1 October 2021, prospective students can enrol in an aged care, childcare, disability care or digital skills qualification, regardless of age or employment status. The department has identified the eligible qualifications on the JobTrainer Priority List.

Can students enrol in more than one short course or qualification?

Students may only complete one qualification funded under JobTrainer but may undertake multiple short courses. Students cannot be enrolled in more than one short course or qualification at a time.

Prospective students who have previously completed a qualification are still eligible to enrol in a subsidised training place as JobTrainer offers people a chance to retrain and gain new skills and qualifications.

Program documents

RTOs interested in delivering services under JobTrainer must read and abide by all conditions specified in the related policy documents for the program:

Policy documents

Program fact sheets

SAS fact sheets

Other SAS documents

Last updated 27 September 2022

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