Our vision

Safe and empowered communities, where skilled Queenslanders and vibrant small businesses grow Queensland's economy.

Our purpose

To keep the community safe through preventing offending and reducing reoffending by young people and to build Queensland's future workforce through connecting all Queenslanders to learning opportunities, quality training, employment opportunities and by helping small businesses to start and thrive.

Our contribution to government objectives

The department is responsible for supporting the Minister for Employment and Small Business, Minister for Training and Skills Development and Minister for Youth Justice. In supporting our minister, the department is maintaining high-quality services and focusing on implementing the government's objectives for the community and its government commitments.

The Queensland Government’s objectives are set out in the Statement of the Queensland Government's objectives for the community (PDF, 190KB).

We contribute to the government's following objectives for the community.

Good jobs: Good, secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries

  • Supporting jobs—by providing funding to non-government service providers, by working across government agencies to support jobs and job pathways, and by delivering innovative and practical solutions to develop a strong and diverse workforce ready to support growth, strengthen our communities and keep Queensland at the forefront of all economic opportunities.
  • Backing small business—by helping small businesses to start, grow and thrive through targeted and successfully delivered grants and support programs and to help keep Queenslanders in jobs.
  • Making it for Queensland—by working together with other agencies to increase access to new markets for regional small businesses and working with industry to adopt innovative manufacturing techniques to enhance global competitiveness.
  • Investing in skills—by funding programs and service initiatives providing skill development and training opportunities to young people in our care and in the youth justice system and by connecting people to quality training and skills to create better employment pathways.

Better services: Deliver even better services right across Queensland

  • Backing our frontline services—by delivering culturally-safe and responsive frontline services in youth justice, by contributing to community safety and wellbeing and by connecting people to training and investing in infrastructure that will be used for teaching new skills to frontline staff to access skilling and employment opportunities, and to access small business services.
  • Keeping Queenslanders safe—by delivering continuous services to the regions to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and young people and by upgrading and modernising health training facilities at TAFE Queensland campuses and supporting Queenslanders to undertake training in health and science.
  • Connecting Queenslanders—by providing services that improve social outcomes and greater social inclusion for our staff and young people and by supporting jobseekers to build their digital skills to connect with employment or further study and increasing the digital capability of small businesses to help them grow and protect their business.
  • Educating for the future—by partnering with schools and industry to enable young people to acquire qualifications, knowledge, skills, and attributes to deliver outcomes for students, local communities, and businesses.

Great lifestyle: Protect and enhance our Queensland lifestyle as we grow

  • Protecting the environment—by preparing the workforce to participate in renewable energy industries including investment in renewable energy training facilities.
  • Growing our regions—by providing funding to regional non-government service providers and working with local governments to welcome and attract people, talent, investment and economic prosperity to regions and by supporting and growing regional partnerships and working with regional business and industry on projects and programs to support economic resilience and growth.
  • Building Queensland—by upgrading and building new TAFE Queensland infrastructure and facilities to ensure we have world-class learning environments.
  • Honouring and embracing our rich and ancient cultural history—by respecting self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to safely care for their young people, by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with services that are accessible, culturally respectful and safe to help young people thrive, and by delivering a First Nations Training Strategy to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to develop skills relevant to local needs and secure jobs.

Last updated 21 November 2023

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0)