The Carr siblings, Shandy, Danielle, and Colin, have successfully completed the Intensive Case Management (ICM) program and their Youth Justice Orders, showing significant personal growth and reformation.

Shandy, 17, started offending when she was 14 and spent 114 nights in custody for violent and property-related offences. Her twin sister, Danielle, also started offending at 14, committing multiple property and public order-related offences that lead to time in youth detention. Their younger brother, Colin, now 16, started offending when he was 13. He spent 132 nights in custody for repeated property offences.

With the support of the ICM program, all 3 siblings participated in various programs, including behavioural change initiatives, cultural activities, family work sessions, goal setting, vocational programs, and recreational interests. The ongoing commitment of the ICM team, the Carr siblings' parents, played a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals and reduced their offending behaviour.

Shandy and Danielle have not reoffended for over 12 months, and Colin has not reoffended in 9 months, highlighting the ability of the ICM program to turn young people’s lives around and provide them with a brighter future.

Last updated 12 July 2024

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