Tim had a challenging start to life. He began offending at 15 and, in just 2 years, had built a lengthy criminal history involving personal violence, motor vehicle offences, property damage, and substance abuse. His strained relationship with his family led to him being kicked out of home and spending more time an anti-social group of friends, making his risky behaviours even worse.

Thankfully Tim's life took a positive turn when he enrolled in the Intensive Case Management (ICM) program. A dedicated caseworker met with him multiple times each week to address his substance abuse, anger management issues, mental health struggles, and anti-social attitudes. Tim participated in regular family sessions to rebuild positive relationships with his mother and sister, where strategies were developed to help repair these bonds.

With hard work, and the support of his caseworker, Tim made significant progress. He eventually moved back home with his mother and sister and completed all his Youth Justice Orders. Tim has not reoffended for over 12 months and is now living independently, thriving in his new life.

Last updated 12 July 2024

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