By the time he'd turned 12 years old, Ricky had already spent 168 nights in custody for multiple violent offences, including armed robbery. He frequently ran away from his residential placement, leading to multiple missing persons reports. Ricky was not attending school, regularly used drugs, and offended with older peers.

Since joining the Intensive Case Management (ICM) program, Ricky has engaged in various activities, including art, motivational interviewing, change-oriented programs, emotional regulation strategies, and drug and alcohol counselling. The ICM team worked with child safety and residential staff to help Ricky reconnect with his family. Ricky's mother actively participated, attending regular movie nights at the residential placement and supported Ricky's re-engagement with education.

Ricky has now moved back in with his mother, brother, and stepfather, and is attending school regularly. He participates in positive recreation programs and has stopped using drugs. Ricky proudly shares his achievements with his family and the ICM team. He has not reoffended since July 2023.

Ricky's story is a great example of how effective the ICM program can be.

Last updated 12 July 2024

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