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Implementation Date: 01/07/2014


Training Assistance enables cancelled apprentices and trainees to continue institutional (college) training in the apprenticeship or traineeship, funded to the applicable level by the State Government, whilst they seek to recommence under a new training contract.

This guideline explains the eligibility requirements and how to apply for Training Assistance, and the process for granting Training Assistance.


The guideline has been developed so that apprentices and trainees who have found themselves in a situation where their training contract has been cancelled can apply to continue their off the job training whilst outside of a training contract.

By continuing training, those affected will remain up to date with their off the job training requirements so that they are attractive to employers in their quest to be re-engaged in a new apprenticeship or traineeship training contract.

Operational Procedure

A cancelled apprentice or trainee may receive training funded under the User Choice program, based on the following eligibility criteria:

  • the training to be undertaken must be either:
    • in an apprenticeship calling
    • if in a traineeship occupation, either the training is in a high priority qualification or the applicant is in a priority population group under the User Choice program.
  • the cancelled training contract was registered in Queensland
  • the applicant is a resident of Queensland
  • the qualification attracts User Choice funding
  • the chosen supervising registered training organisation is a published pre-approved User Choice supplier
  • the proposed training is in the same qualification as detailed in the applicant's cancelled apprenticeship or traineeship training contract (except where the qualification has been superseded and it is necessary to continue in the new qualification)
  • the proposed training commences within 12 months of the date of effect of cancellation of the cancelled training contract
  • if the cancelled training contract was school-based, the applicant is no longer enrolled in a school or alternative schooling arrangement (such as distance or home-based education)
  • the applicant lodges form ATF-015: Training assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees with the department
  • where the applicant is under 18 years of age and in the care and control of a parent/guardian, the parent/guardian signs the application.

An applicant who had a registered training contract and either party withdrew during probation may be eligible.

A cancelled apprentice or trainee who completes the remainder of their institutional training would be required to have an active registered training contract in order to receive a completion certificate.


More information

Read about the User Choice program including documents, policies and fact sheets.

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