The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) regularly checks that Skills Assure Suppliers (SAS) are meeting the terms of their agreements relating to funding programs, including User Choice and VET Investment programs.

Entering into a supplier agreement means agreeing to fulfill certain compliance obligations which include:

  • Taking responsibility for creating and using controls to support compliance.
  • Maintaining and preparing any evidence needed for reviews or audits requested by us.
  • Granting us and our auditors with access to all necessary information to conduct reviews or audit and confirm compliance.

Evidence requirements

We conduct regular compliance audits and performance reviews throughout the year. To help your organisation meet compliance standards, refer to the evidence requirements outlined below.

Latest changes to documents for the 2023–24 period related to updating the department name, current financial year as well as updates to ID for eligibility and to reference the Fee Free TAFE program. An update to reflect the most recent department name change will not occur until later in 2024.

Historical evidence requirements

Evidence requirements for User Choice and VET Investment programs from previous financial years.

SAS fact sheets

Skills Assure Supplier governance fact sheet (PDF, 195KB)

Skills Assure Supplier eligibility fact sheet (PDF, 329KB)

Compliance activity templates

To allow for transparency within compliance activity, the templates below have been provided for SAS.

Supplier compliance audit report (PDF, 937KB)
Provided as an example—the reporting framework is under review.

Verification of DESBT audit activity (PDF, 514KB)
Outlines the process, as well as provides an overview and objectives. It is under review.

If notification of an activity has been received, review of this is expected prior to the opening meeting. The supplier's CEO and/or nominated representative will be required to sign this document following the opening and closing meetings.

Evaluation form
To assist in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of individual audit and performance review processes, suppliers are invited to provide feedback. A link to an online evaluation form will be provided as part of activity communication.

SAS webinars

View webinars for Skills Assure Suppliers.

Last updated 22 January 2024

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