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View the following essential Skills Assure supplier (SAS) webinars:

  • Introduction to Microsoft (MS) Teams webinar
    Overview of MS Teams platform including the email invitation, how to register for the webinar, and how to login and use the key features.
  • Skills Assure compulsory webinar
    Skills Assure supplier directors and key personnel are required to complete this compulsory webinar. Read frequently asked questions (PDF, 182KB).
  • Third party reporting requirements
    This webinar provides an overview of third party and subcontracting arrangements under Skills Assure – including the definition of subcontracts, third party arrangements and third parties. It also provides an overview of standard minimum terms and conditions to be included in third party agreements; the 50% delivery cap; third party compliance reviews; reporting third party delivery in AVETMISS data; and the termination of third party agreements.
  • DETConnect webinar
    This webinar provides an overview of DETConnect. In addition to providing information on how to use the various business systems within DETConnect, this webinar also aims to assist SAS with meeting their obligations under the DETConnect Access Deed by providing detailed instructions on maintaining user accounts.

Webinar topics coming soon

  • Getting started
    An overview of the key contacts within the department, information on the agreement and delivery schedule, and an overview of the payment process and associated reports.
  • Generic and User Choice reporting
    The generic component provides information on the Unique Student Identifier, error information sheets and outcome codes. The User Choice section provides information on administration payments, Work Skills Traineeships and fund source codes.
  • Queensland VET investment reporting requirements
    Overview of fund source codes, student co-contribution fees and NAT file reporting.
  • Payments
    Information on program specific price lists, location loading and SAS payments. It also provides details of claims that the department does not fund, and information on competency counts.
  • Change in control
    Outlines the process for advising of change in control, provides a breakdown of the different types of changes in control, exemptions to the change in control process, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) notifications, and the ramifications for not seeking prior consent.
  • User Choice
    Information about the apprenticeship/traineeship system. This webinar provides information on eligibility, priority levels, priority population groups, multiple government contributions, student contribution fees and school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Certificate 3 Guarantee
    Overview of the program, including obligations under the policy, participant eligibility, funding, delivery of lower-level qualifications, cohort specific programs and key documents.
  • Fee free training
    Details key information about the initiative including participant eligibility. This webinar also provides a summary of the reporting requirements and information on how to perform calculations to determine if the correct payment has been made.
  • Higher Level Skills program
    Overview of the program including obligations under the program policy. Information is also provided on eligibility, funding and priority skill sets.
  • Conflicts of interest
    Understand the difference between conflicts of interest under a Skills Assure supplier agreement and conflict of interest management plans.

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