When Total VET Activity (TVA) is submitted to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, it is processed through several validations. If the TVA data does not pass a validation, an error report is generated. Error types include Contract, AVETMISS, STAC, VARS, DELTA and LUI.

Error type 'Contract' are those that directly affect the claims you have made against your Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) Agreement. Contract errors will appear when the claims made to not meet the requirements of the funded program and/or its associated policies.

SAS are encouraged to submit their TVA frequently throughout the month to ensure that errors can be rectified before the last working day of the month data submission deadline.

Contact Management have developed the SAS Guide to Contract Errors (PDF, 1.4MB) to assist SAS with understanding why the error has occurred and how to rectify if possible.

Before seeking advice from your Contract Manager regarding an error, we encourage you to refer to the SAS Guide to Contract Errors and the associated SAS Agreement/Program Policy to resolve the error. If you still require assistance after reading these documents, please email your enquiry to contractmanagement@desbt.qld.gov.au.

Last updated 2 February 2024

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