The Contract Management team and your designated Contract Manager is your primary contact for information about your Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) executed agreement with the department.

Contract Managers can provide assistance with issues including:

  • payment
  • errors
  • policy interpretation and program specifications
  • variation requests and any other agreement related issues.

Contract Managers also monitor performance and compliance against your agreements and will contact you if they identify areas of concern to be addressed.

Contract Management manages the programs listed on the funded programs page.

Key documents

Managing your supplier agreement

Instructions on how to notify the department of a change to your nominated bank account details:

SAS must obtain the department's prior consent before proceeding with any change in control within their organisation. Learn more about changes in control and how to notify us.

Clause 14 of the SAS agreement requires suppliers to disclose any conflict of interest, or risk of a conflict of interest the department immediately.

Where a conflict of interest has been identified, you must ensure that you have implemented a conflict of interest management plan detailing strategies to effectively manage each of the conflict/s identified. You must use the department's conflict of interest management plan template (DOCX, 616KB); no other format will be accepted should the department conduct a performance review under your SAS agreement. The department has developed the guide to conflict of interest management plans (PDF, 750KB) to assist suppliers with identifying conflicts and outlining potential management strategies.

Whilst you do not have to submit a copy of the conflict of interest management plan to the department, unless expressly requested to do so, you must declare your conflict via the Skills Assure supplier conflict of interest statutory declaration (DOCX, 83KB). The completed declaration must be submitted to the department via email to

As conflicts of interest are specific to individual situations, you may wish to obtain legal advice as to whether any actual, perceived or potential conflicts apply, and the strategies that may be implemented to appropriately manage conflicts of interest with regards to the SAS agreement and the department's policies.

Assistance on correcting data validation errors which may occur when submitting Total VET Activity under programs including User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Clause 12.6 of the Skills Assure Supplier (SAS) Agreement requires suppliers to provide the following information to the department:

  1. The location of all physical records retained by the Supplier in accordance with the SAS Agreement
  2. The name and storage locations of all electronic systems used by the Supplier in respect of communication (including emails), financial management (including payments to trainers) and document storage.

If any of the information provided by the Supplier under clause 12.6 changes during the term of the SAS Agreement for any reason, you are required to complete and return the  Skills Assure Supplier Location of Records form (DOCX, 756KB) no later than 5 business days after the change occurring.

Completed forms can be submitted to Contract Management via email to

People nominated on the Skills Assure Supplier contact information form (PDF, 335KB) are staff with whom Contract Management can discuss aspects of your SAS agreement. All of the staff nominated on this form will automatically receive important updates throughout the term of your agreement including broadcast alerts on updates such as policy or reporting amendments, and the Contract Connector.

You are responsible for notifying Contract Management if any of these officers leave your organisation or change, by completing the form and returning to via email to

SAS can enter into third party arrangements to assist in delivering services under their supplier agreement. These arrangements need to be reported to the department.

Existing SAS can make variations to their existing supplier agreements to add new qualifications under the Certificate 3 Guarantee, Higher Level Skills and User Choice programs.

A series of webinars have been created to assist SAS to become familiar with the department’s requirements.

View the recorded webinars focused on topics specific to contract management and register for live webinar sessions that will be available throughout the year.

* These webinars are to be used as an educative tool only. Information contained within the recorded webinars are current and accurate as at the date uploaded and do not replace program policy or audit evidence requirements. Please refer to the current program policy and related documents to ensure you are meeting your obligations in relation to student enrolments or claims for payment.

Evaluation and audit

Information to assist suppliers with audit compliance:

Historical evidence requirements

Access evidence requirements for User Choice and VET investment programs from previous financial years.

Queensland VET investment programs SAS documents

User Choice program SAS documents

Related information

News and events
Access to current and past issues of the monthly Contract Connector newsletter.

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