The Contract Management team and your designated Contract Manager is your primary contact for information about your Skills Assure supplier (SAS) executed agreement with the department.

Contract Managers can provide assistance with issues including:

  • payment
  • errors
  • policy interpretation and program specifications
  • variation requests and any other agreement related issues.

Contract Managers also monitor performance and compliance against your agreements and will contact you if they identify areas of concern to be addressed.

Contract Management manages the programs listed on the funded programs page.

Key documents

Managing your supplier agreement

Changes to bank account details

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) details (PDF, 88KB) or (DOCX, 112KB)
Instructions on how to notify the department of a change to your nominated bank account details.

Changes to legal entity

Skills Assure supplier change in control obligations fact sheet (PDF, 157KB) or (DOCX, 117KB)
Instructions for SAS on how to notify the department of changes to the legal entity under the SAS agreement.

Data validation errors

Assistance on correcting data validation errors which may occur when submitting AVETMISS data under programs including User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee.

SAS contact information

People nominated on the Skills Assure supplier contact information form (DOCX, 69KB) are staff with whom Contract Management can discuss aspects of your SAS agreement. All of the staff nominated on this form will automatically receive important updates throughout the term of your agreement including broadcast alerts on updates such as policy or reporting amendments, and the Contract Connector. You are responsible for notifying Contract Management if any of these officers leave your organisation or change, by completing the form and returning to via email to

Third party arrangements

SAS can enter into third party arrangements to assist in delivering services under their supplier agreement. These arrangements need to be reported to the department.

Variations to agreements

Existing SAS can make variations to their existing supplier agreements to add new qualifications under the Certificate 3 Guarantee, Higher Level Skills and User Choice programs.


A series of webinars have been created to assist Skills Assure Suppliers (SAS) to become familiar with the department’s requirements. View the recorded webinars focused on topics specific to contract management and register for live webinar sessions that will be available throughout the year.

Evaluation and audit

Information to assist suppliers with audit compliance:

Historical evidence requirements

Access evidence requirements for User Choice and VET investment programs from previous financial years.

Queensland VET investment programs SAS documents

User Choice program SAS documents

Related information

News and events
Access to current and past issues of the monthly Contract Connector newsletter.

Last updated 10 September 2021

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