Skills Assure suppliers (SAS) entering into third party arrangements to assist with delivering services under their Skills Assure Supplier Agreement, will need to report these arrangements through the third party arrangements form. After making an initial submission as part of their application, suppliers are required to complete a new form:

  • no later than 10 business days after entering into a new third party arrangement.

Suppliers must notify the department via email at

  • no later than 5 days following any change in control of the third party or termination of a third party arrangement
  • and
  • where changes to existing third party arrangements are required.

Where a third party has been involved in the delivery of any part of the training and/or assessment of a unit of competency for a student, the third party must be reported in the supplier's AVETMISS compliant data. Once the department is notified of a new third party arrangement, suppliers are set a third party reporting schedule. This schedule details the relevant purchasing contract schedule identifier (third party code) against each third party reported by a supplier in their third party arrangements form.

To provide guidance on correctly reporting the third party code, read the how to report third party delivery reference sheet (PDF, 884KB).

As part of the supplier's obligations when entering into a third party arrangement, a formal compliance review must be conducted on all of the services delivered under the arrangement. The third party compliance review template (DOCX, 905KB) assists suppliers with undertaking this activity.

The third party compliance review schedule is detailed in the Skills Assure Supplier Agreement (clauses 18.2 and 18.8) as follows:

  1. For Existing Third Party Arrangements (non-schools) – compliance reviews must be carried out:
    • no later than 3 months after your SAS Agreement commences or is renewed
    • and
    • subsequently every 6 months of the term of the SAS Agreement.
  2. For New Third Party Arrangements – If suppliers enter into any new third party arrangements after their Agreement commences or is renewed, or if the organisational structure within the third party has changed, suppliers must:
    • undertake a third party compliance review using this template no later than 1 month after the third party arrangement is entered into or the organisation structure of the third party is changed
    • and
    • subsequently, every 6 months of the Term following the initial third party compliance review.

    Third party compliance review must be conducted against each entity with which suppliers have a third party arrangement at least twice within every calendar year, except where the third party is a school.

  3. Where the third party is a school – a compliance review must be carried out at least once every year during the Term of the SAS Agreement.

Upon completion of the review, suppliers are to retain a copy of all documentation evidencing the review. Suppliers must be able to provide the department with a copy of the completed compliance review documentation no later than 5 business days after a request by the department or immediately if requested during a performance review or audit.

Last updated 20 July 2022

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