To support Year 12 graduates into work, the Queensland Government offers free training in high priority areas.

To be eligible for free tafe, Year 12 graduates need to start an apprenticeship, traineeship or training in a high priority qualification with a pre-qualified supplier within the calendar year after leaving school. While completing a qualification, students gain experience in the workplace, learning skills employers need and giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

There are nearly 160 qualifications available across a range of industries, including information technology, avionics, engineering, business, nursing, aged care and hospitality and commercial cookery.

Qualifications are delivered on campus or as part of an apprenticeship or traineeship by pre-qualified suppliers.

These qualifications develop the skills needed by employers and the Queensland economy, and are based on skills demand, advice from industry, and whether the qualification will lead to employment.

Free tafe for Year 12 graduates applies to high priority qualifications available under Certificate 3 Guarantee or User Choice. To find out more on the high priority qualifications available, visit the Queensland Skills Gateway.

Participant eligibility

To be eligible for free tafe, individuals must:

  • have completed Year 12 in Queensland and hold a Senior Statement issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority or equivalent certification
  • enrol and start an apprenticeship, traineeship or training with a pre-qualified supplier in a high priority qualification by 31 December the year after graduating (e.g. 2019 graduates have to start by 31 December 2020)
  • permanently reside in Queensland.

Individuals who hold a visa must also ensure their visa subclass is eligible for subsidised training.

Eligibility rules also apply for apprenticeships and traineeships.

More information

Visit the Free tafe for Year 12 graduates (student information).

For further information contact us on 1300 369 935.

Last updated 10 May 2019

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