To apply to have your overseas qualification assessed, please follow the process outlined below.

  • Complete an application form by:
  • Provide A4-sized certified* copies of documents, including:
    • certificate, degree or diploma in the original language and an official English translation
    • full academic transcript / mark sheet showing the number of years, subjects studied and results obtained in the original language and an official English translation
    • evidence of Australian residency status (current visa / VEVO Visa Entitlement Verification Online)
    • proof of name change (e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificate) (if applicable).
  • Send your application form and certified* copies of documents by:

    Overseas Qualification Unit
    Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
    PO Box 15483
    CITY EAST  QLD  4002


    Attach the scanned certified* copies of documents and application form, and email to

*To be certified, documents must be signed by an Australian Justice of the Peace, or Commissioner for Declarations or other authorised certifying officer. Learn more about certifying on the Department of Home Affairs website.

The assessment process

The Queensland Government offers free assessment of overseas qualifications for eligible applicants. Your application will be considered by the Department's Overseas Qualification Unit. This service is free for Queensland residents who have permission to work or study in Australia. Application processing times can vary and applications can take up to 10 weeks to process.

The Overseas Qualification Unit can provide you with an assessment advice which compares the educational level of your overseas qualification against the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Your overseas qualifications will be assessed using guidelines published by the Australian Government's Qualifications Recognition Policy section. If your qualification can be assessed under the national assessment guidelines, you will receive written advice of how your qualification compares against the below AQF qualification levels.

AQF LevelQualification
Level 4 Certificate IV
Level 5 Diploma
Level 6 Advanced Diploma
Associate Degree
Level 7 Bachelor Degree
Level 8 Bachelor Honours Degree
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Diploma
Level 9 Masters Degree
Level 10 Doctoral Degree

What qualifications can be assessed?

Overseas qualifications that compare to an Australian certificate IV level or higher and have been issued by a recognised educational institution may be able to be assessed under the guidelines. In most cases, this means qualifications issued by universities that are recognised by the country of origin and higher level qualifications issued by recognised technical colleges.

A small number of overseas qualifications gained by passing examinations with a professional body can be assessed.

Certified copies of documents

You are required to submit certified copies of documents with your application. To have a document certified, take the original document (passport, qualification award, etc) and a copy of the document to an Australian Justice of the Peace (JP), Commissioner of Declarations (Cdec) or other authorised certifying officer. Read more about who can certify on the Department of Home Affairs website.

At no cost to you, the certifying officer will stamp and sign a photocopy or make a written statement certifying that the photocopy is a true copy of the original. Most major shopping centres offer a JP service. You can search for a local JP or Cdec.

Translating and interpreting support

Help is available if you need to have documents officially translated to English. The Australian Government's Department of Social Services provides a free document translation service for eligible Australian citizens and new migrants settling permanently in Australia.

If you are a temporary resident or have lived in Australia for more than 2 years you can contact:

If you have difficulty with spoken English and have questions about the application form, contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. TIS can telephone the Overseas Qualification Unit for you at no cost.

Contact us

Overseas Qualification Unit
Phone: 1300 369 935

Last updated 5 November 2019

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