Are you thinking about making a career change? Maybe further study? Did you know that you might be able to reduce the study time it takes to get your qualification and you can save money?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is all about the skills and knowledge you've collected through work and life experiences and then transferring them to current training course requirements. RPL must take place at the start of your training, apprenticeship or traineeship after enrolling with a registered training provider.

Credit transfer also recognises previous formal learning (e.g. university, other qualifications). It uses an assessment of your previous course to determine whether it can be credited to your new course. The assessment determines the extent to which your previous course is equivalent to the required learning outcomes of your desired qualification.

Before you enrol in any training, get prepared by exploring and gathering enough information to purchase the right training and career path that is best for you.

(Note: The DIY RPL assessment site was decommissioned in January 2020. For your RPL options, please refer to the steps below.)

Complete a skills assessment

Your journey to vocational training or a new career in Queensland can start here with RPL and credit transfer.

1 – Identify and explore

You may be able to save time and money through RPL, where your chosen training provider will review your existing skills and have your current skills recognised. If you're unsure of which qualification you want to study, explore your options and job prospects on the Queensland Skills Gateway or the Australian Government's Your Career website.

2 – Shop around

Use our training consumer tips to help you with your training purchase and compare courses, locations and, training providers. You could also save money by checking your eligibility for Queensland Government subsidised courses, or get more information on these courses in the Training and careers section. You're not on your own, so you can always contact us for further information.

3 – Apply your research

Before you enrol in any training you should now be equipped with the best information to shop around for a training provider via the Queensland Skills Gateway and then start your training.

4 – Study and support

You can get support along the way by contacting us for general training enquiries, or contact your chosen training provider for assistance with your course.

5 – Continue your journey

Congratulations, you did it! Now is a great time to put your new skills into action and apply for a job. Use this Queensland Government website to search for a job. You might also choose to continue studying. We are here once again to assist you to continue the journey.

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Last updated 18 March 2022

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