Be work smart pre-employment skills workbook
Be work smart is a practical booklet to help young Queenslanders get and keep a job.

Queensland Skills Gateway
The Queensland Skills Gateway allows Queenslanders to search and browse vocational education training and information including courses, training providers, government funding and career pathways.

Pathways into careers (Queensland Skills Gateway)
Search an occupation on the Queensland Skills Gateway to find information on career pathways.

Find out about careers (Queensland Skills Gateway)
Visit the Queensland Government website for career advice and planning.

Upgrading my skills to return to work (Queensland Government website)
Advice on the Queensland Government website on how to upgrade your skills to return to the workforce.

Managing redundancy and job loss (Queensland Government website)
Information on the Queensland Government website for workers who have recently lost a job or are looking for employment.

Working with people with disability
Information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme for individuals aspiring to work with people with disability and for existing disability sector workers.

Your skills
Learn great skills, discover real opportunities and improve your future employment prospects.

Last updated 21 December 2018

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