The My future, My choice program consists of a workbook and a series of 4 videos that trace the stages of preparing for employment—from getting ready for an interview to understanding the job landscape.

The videos are supported by the My future, My choice workbook (PDF, 196KB or DOCX, 49KB) which provides teachers, career advisors or parents with suggested learning activities for students to further their understanding and preparation for gaining meaningful employment.

It is highly recommended that the videos be viewed in order so the messages contained in the last video are viewed in context with guidance and direction from the facilitator. It is important that students are supported through the journey of viewing and understanding the content and how it applies to them personally.

Module 4, in particular, contains content that may raise sensitivities for some students. Therefore, prior to the students undertaking the module, facilitators need to determine the appropriateness of the information for the audience. It is essential that students are supported to interpret the content.

Last updated 29 July 2020

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