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What is the role of the Adult Community Education sector in Queensland?

Adult Community Education (ACE) can play a critical role in providing diverse foundation skills, pre-vocational and bridging programs and creating skilling pathways for adults. These pathways enable a wider cross section of the population to participate in learning and employment.

ACE fosters social inclusion by assisting people to improve their employment opportunities, access services, make connections, build their confidence and participate in their communities. The diverse, learner centred and flexible approaches of community educators make them especially well placed to create the learning experiences that engage learners at all stages of life and help them to transition into further learning, community participation and work.

What is an ACE provider?

In addition to community owned or operated registered training organisations and TAFE Queensland, ACE is provided by a diverse array of organisations including: school based parent and citizen associations, professional associations, libraries, senior citizens associations, specialist literacy groups, computer clubs, University of the Third Age, in house employer training, English conversation groups, trade unions, parenting associations, adult education organisations, community and neighbourhood houses, job placement organisations, volunteering programs, churches and spiritual groups, special interest groups, environmental groups, university extension, sporting clubs, local governments, men's sheds, workplace learning programs, community service organisations and drop-in centres.

How do I become an ACE provider?

Becoming an ACE provider can be as simple as forming a community group to learn new skills or helping others with new learning. Some ACE providers may choose to become incorporated organisations and registered training organisations. Whilst some providers remain as local community groups, others develop a state wide or even national presence.

What if I do not wish to become a registered training organisation?

It's not necessary that you become a registered training organisation, many ACE providers choose not to. Your decision should be based on your business model and the needs of the clients you wish to provide services to.

How do I get funding?

Funding can be obtained from both public and private organisations and through your own fundraising activities and program fees. Learn about funding opportunities for adult community education providers.

Who teaches ACE classes?

ACE classes can be taught by anyone who has the capability and expertise. Registered training organisations need to meet specific requirements in relation to the capabilities of instructors who deliver accredited training, as part of their registration.

As an ACE provider, where do I get advice from?

There are many resources available to ACE providers. Find more useful links for adult community education providers.

Which ACE providers are eligible to be listed on the department's website?

All interested ACE providers are eligible to be listed on the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training website.

Why should I agree to be listed on the department's website?

There is no requirement that, as an ACE provider in Queensland, you must agree to being listed on this site. However, being listed may assist potential clients in contacting you.

Last updated 2 March 2018

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