The state is divided into 7 training regions – Tropical North Queensland, North Queensland, Central Queensland, North Coast, Metropolitan, Darling Downs South West and South East. Follow the instructions below to identify which region you are eligible to nominate in. Applicants can only nominate in 1 region.

Apprentices, trainees and school-based apprentices and trainees

Enter in the suburb where your employer is located. If you are employed by a group training organisation (GTO), but hosted by another employer, please enter in the suburb where your GTO is based.

Vocational and Equity students

Enter in the suburb where the training or community-based organisation you completed your studies with is located.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Please follow the above directions for your nominated category.

VET teachers and trainers

Enter in the suburb where majority of your teaching was undertaken during the prior calendar year.

Businesses and community-based organisations

Where the organisation has only one location in Queensland, please enter in the suburb where the organisation is located.

Where there is more than one location in Queensland:

  • The organisation must determine whether it wishes to nominate for the individual location or as a statewide organisation. If nominating as a statewide organisation, the nomination must be submitted in the region where the organisation's head office is located.
  • If there is more than one location nominating (as individual locations), the locations must lodge separate nominations and compete against each other.
  • If an organisation nominates as a statewide business, other locations of the organisation are not eligible to nominate.
  • Branch offices or subsidiaries or larger enterprises are not eligible to nominate in the Small Employer of the Year award. However, franchisees may nominate if their training activities are organised independently of the franchise group.

Training providers and industry collaboration award nominees

Nominees for these direct-entry state award categories do not need to identify a region.

When you are completing your online nomination, please select 'state' from the answer options for the 'Identify your region' question.

You can use this search tool to identify which region you are eligible to enter in. Type the name of your town into the input field to see your region displayed below.

Identify my region

Search by suburb

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If you are having trouble identifying your region, please contact your regional coordinator.

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Last updated 13 December 2022

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