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Let's protect respect

Discrimination, bullying and harassment have no place in the workplace. Know your rights and get info, advice and support.

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Get instant answers to your apprenticeship and traineeship questions, a digital card and important contacts and services.

For employers

How apprenticeships and traineeships work
Know the costs, benefits, obligations and process of employing an apprentice or trainee.

Employer obligations
Find out about your responsibilities during the apprenticeship or traineeship, including supervision, training, providing a safe work environment, wages and entitlements.

Steps to employ an apprentice or trainee
Follow the 5-step process from understanding the commitment through to completing the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Manage your apprentice or trainee
Advice and support for managing your apprenticeship or traineeship once it is underway.

For apprentices and trainees

Managing your apprenticeship or traineeship
How to address problems, make changes to your training contract if your situation changes, and complete your apprenticeship or traineeship once your training is finished.

Micro-credentials for supervisors of apprentices and trainees
TAFE Queensland is offering 2 free online micro-credentials, sponsored by the Queensland Government, to help supervisors of apprentices and trainees mentor and provide apprentices and trainees with safe workplaces.

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Last updated 24 November 2023

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