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The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy towards the training cost for eligible individuals undertaking their first post-school certificate III qualification.

The intent of the program is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to secure a job or advance their career.

Read an overview of the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

What does the Certificate 3 Guarantee mean for employers?

A certificate III represents the entry-level skills pathway for most industries. The Certificate 3 Guarantee supports the recruitment of new employees by providing employers with access to a pool of skilled and work-ready individuals.

Employers have the ability to source a training provider that can deliver flexible and tailored training to develop the skills and productivity of their existing workforce, dependent on individual employees meeting the eligibility criteria.

Employers can access the Queensland Skills Gateway to identify the qualification that best matches their skilling needs and contact training providers directly from the list of pre-approved providers to deliver the training under the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Which employees or potential employees are eligible?

The program is open to any Queensland resident aged 15 years or over who is no longer at school (with the exception of VET in Schools students) and is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants), or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency.

Prospective students must not have or be enrolled in a certificate III or higher qualification (not including qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training).

Does the employer need to contribute to the cost of the training?

Given the benefits that training provides to individuals, students undertaking certificate III training and non-concessional students undertaking lower-level training are required to contribute to the costs of their training through a co-contribution fee.

The amount of out-of-pocket expense will vary depending on the course they undertake and the training provider chosen.

The fee may be paid on the student's behalf by an employer or another third party unrelated to the training provider but cannot be paid or waived by the training provider.

Under the Fee-Free TAFE and Free Apprenticeships for Under 25s programs, the full cost of training in a high priority qualification is covered. This means eligible participants will not be required to contribute to the cost of their training.

More information

Read more about the Certificate 3 Guarantee in the training providers section, including the program guidelines.

Last updated 11 April 2024

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