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Under the Further Education and Training Act 2014 (the Act) it is a requirement of recognition and continued recognition as a principal employer organisation (PEO) that organisations are compliant against the Queensland Quality Standards for Principal Employer Organistions.

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has developed audit arrangements based on the Queensland Quality Standards.

The department has prepared the following information on audit requirements and procedures to assist entities wishing to be recognised as PEOs in Queensland.

About the Queensland Quality Standards
The Queensland Quality Standards provide a framework for the provision of consistent quality training and employment experiences to apprentices and trainees in Queensland.

About audits
Under the state framework, independent audits of principal employer organisations against the Queensland Quality Standards are required at least once every three years.

Information on the responsibilities of both the department and the corporation being audited.

Audit types
Information on the three main types of audits: initial compliance audits; compliance audits; and self-assessment audits.

When are audits conducted?
Information on the scheduling of compliance and self-assessment audits.

Who conducts audits?
Audits are carried out independent of the department by approved auditors.

Preparation for an audit
There are a number of actions a corporation can take to prepare for an audit against the Queensland Quality Standards for principal employer organisations.

The audit process
Information on the different steps taken to complete an audit.

Dealing with non-compliance
Consequences for a corporation found to be non-compliant.

Last updated 5 February 2024

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