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Queensland Group Training Program funding guidelines 2022–23 (PDF, 482KB)
Funding guidelines for group training organisations receiving funding for group training.

Application forms

Application for recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland (DOCX, 165KB)
Organisations need to submit an application form to be recognised as a group training organisation in Queensland.

Application tips for recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland (DOCX, 102KB)
Application tips to help through the application process.

Employment projections and mix table (DOCX, 115KB)
The department has developed an employment projections and mix table to help organisations estimate the number of apprentices and/or trainees to be employed in the first and second years of operation. Complete this table and attach a copy to the application.

Establishment costs and sources of funds template (DOCX, 115KB)
The department has developed a template to assist applicants in recording establishment costs and sources of funds.

Pricing structure per apprentice or trainee template (DOCX, 114KB)
The department has developed a pricing structure template that organisations can use and attach to applications.

Application for withdrawal of recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland (DOCX, 95KB)
Organisations may use this form to seek withdrawal of recognition to operate as a group training organisation in Queensland.

Group training organisation audit forms and resources

The following audit resources are to assist understanding the National Standards audit requirements.

Auditor skills profile (PDF, 156KB)
Outline of the range of skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours required for conducting quality audits against the National Standards for Group Training Organisations (PDF, 64KB).

Guidelines for the conduct of auditing services for Group Training Organisations in Queensland (PDF, 427KB)
This guide has been developed for auditors and managers of audits. It may also be useful to group training organisations in understanding the conduct of auditing services.

Auditors will use the following forms during group training organisation audit processes.

Audit evaluation form (DOCX, 161KB)
Auditors are required to provide the organisation's representative with an audit evaluation form at the closing meeting. The organisation is encouraged to complete this form and forward it to the department. This feedback will be used to continuously improve the audit process.

Conflict of interest declaration form (DOCX, 161KB)
Auditors are required to lodge a declaration form with the department if the auditor, or a member of the audit team, is involved in a conflict of interest situation, or if formal clarification is required as to whether or not a conflict exists.

Deed of confidentiality declaration – observer (DOCX, 157KB)
Representatives from the department and/or the Apprentice Employment Network may be invited or wish to attend audit site visits. Any such observers must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the audit.

Deed of confidentiality declaration – approved auditor (DOCX, 163KB)
Auditors must complete the Deed of confidentiality declaration prior to conducting audits. The deed covers all audits conducted under the National Standards. A copy of the deed will be provided to the group training organisation at the opening meeting of the site audit, and a copy lodged with the department.

Desk-based audit form (DOCX, 120KB)
Prior to the site audit, auditors will conduct a desk-based audit to evaluate the conformity of the systems and processes, as documented in the organisation's self-assessment report, with the National Standards.

Group training auditor's checklist (DOCX, 164KB)
In order to assist with the understanding and management of the audit process, a checklist has been developed for auditors. Auditors must return a copy of the checklist, along with the quality audit report, to the department on completion of each audit.

Quality audit report (DOCX, 158KB)
Auditors are required to use this quality audit report to summarise feedback to the department on the findings and outcome of the audit. The report will be based on the information obtained during the audit and recorded in the Quality audit workbook.

Quality audit workbook (DOCX, 123KB)
The Quality audit workbook will be made available to the department upon request.

Systems improvement plan for rectification of non-compliance – National Standards for group training organisations (DOCX, 117KB)
The system improvement plan identifies any non-compliance(s) with the National Standards, including the strategy and timelines for rectification of non-compliances. The strategy and timeframes allocated must be appropriate to the degree of risk. The auditor will negotiate the plan's content with the group training organisation at the exit meeting, and will submit the final plan to the department for approval.

Self-assessment report – National standards for group training organisations (DOCX, 136KB)
The self-assessment report is used by group training organisations to record their internal reviews against the National Standards. This self-assessment report template can also be used by auditors to formulate a detailed report of the audit findings.


Last updated 28 February 2023

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