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A strong partnership between industry, business and government is needed to anticipate future skill needs and enable Queenslanders to access skills and training that links to current and future jobs.

The Queensland Government recognises the importance of strong collaboration between government, industry, employers and other training sector stakeholders. This approach recognises the shared responsibility to plan for and invest in future skill needs, while supporting the diverse needs of Queensland's regions.

Our industry engagement framework outlines how we engage with industry and support employers, small business and other industry stakeholders to contribute information and help shape government decision-making. This includes regional investment decisions, program design, and training product review and development processes.

New initiatives

Regional jobs committees

Regional jobs committees bring together local industry groups, training providers, schools, employers, employee representatives and councils to plan local training investment and address workforce development and planning issues. Through the committees, regional industry advice will identify trends and opportunities in the local area and provide training and employment solutions that link individuals with real job opportunities.

Industry Skills Advisors

Industry Skills Advisors (ISAs) provide us with robust, evidence-based information about skills needs, jobs growth and new industry directions to guide investment decisions and program design.

Industry-specific intelligence, focusing on the needs of the vocational education and training (VET) supported workforce, is supporting the work of our department and regional jobs committees.

Gateway to Industry Schools program expansion

The Gateway to Industry Schools program (GISP) builds partnerships between schools and industry to enable young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes to participate effectively in the Queensland economy. The program also provide opportunities for industry and the education sector to work together to deliver outcomes for students, local communities and businesses.

Annual consultation schedule

Industry advice will be gathered through an annual consultation schedule allowing stakeholders to plan and participate in consultation opportunities.

How to engage with us

We have established key engagement streams to ensure the views of industry can be considered in both short and long-term planning about training investment.

Jobs Queensland provides independent expert advice on current and future skills needs, workforce development and planning and the apprenticeship and traineeship system including:

  • providing strategic advice on workforce planning and development initiatives to achieve future skills and workforce needs
  • helping government prioritise its investment in vocational education and training
  • building on the role of apprenticeships and traineeships as a key pathway to employment and a skilled workforce.

Regional officers support place-based engagement activities and engage with employers, small business and other stakeholders to ensure training solutions and employment opportunities are aligned with local economic and skill development needs. These include:

  • advising regional jobs committees
  • monitoring and regulating Queensland's apprenticeship and traineeship system through training contract regulation in line with the Further Education and Training Act 2014
  • promoting VET pathways and educating schools regarding VET opportunities to support school to work transitions.

Find a list of our department's regional offices.

Our Industry Engagement team works with peak industry associations, employer groups and industry skills advisory bodies to ensure a voice for industry in the decision-making process of skills and workforce development. This includes:

  • leading as the Queensland State Training Authority
  • managing Industry Skills Advisory arrangements and the Gateway to Industry Schools program
  • driving skills and workforce development within whole-of-government strategies.

The Queensland Apprenticeship and Traineeship Office works with industry associations, peak bodies, unions and employers in the oversight of the Queensland apprenticeship and traineeship system. This includes:

  • administering the Further Education and Training Act 2014 in relation to apprenticeships and traineeships
  • management and oversight of the Queensland apprenticeship and traineeship system
  • supporting employer and industry workforce agendas through relevant skills pathways.


We publish industry reports and intelligence for greater transparency and improved information sharing.

Download a copy of our Industry engagement framework flyer (PDF, 2.1MB).

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Last updated 20 May 2024

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