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The following tips will assist in completing the application form for recognition as a group training organisation (GTO) in Queensland.

Length of application

The application is not restricted in length; applicants can provide as much information as necessary to demonstrate that the organisation meets the requirements for recognition as a GTO.

Contact details

The contact person nominated on the application needs to be someone who is readily available and can answer questions regarding the organisation and the application. As a guide, organisations generally nominate their Chief Executive Officer as the contact person.

Corporate governance

Organisations that need assistance in developing corporate governance policies and procedures may be able to gain advice from member organisations such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors or the Apprentice Employment Network.

Sponsoring body details

The sponsoring body is the corporation seeking to establish the GTO. The experience and financial viability of this body is taken into consideration when determining whether an entity should be granted recognition to operate as a group training organisation in this state.

Recognition details

Applicants should carefully consider the scope of recognition they are seeking, and demonstrate that there is market demand for their services. Provide details of any market research undertaken to substantiate the demand and show that the industry, industry sector, or geographical area is not being, and cannot be, adequately serviced by the existing group training network.

Current state of the industry and/or region

Applicants may be able to source advice and information on market and labour market trends from the following:

Competition and sustainable advantage

In considering the question of competition and sustainable advantage, it may be helpful to compare proposed services with those of other GTOs on the basis of quality, accessibility, personal service and/or any other relevant features. Include any research used in making this analysis with the application.

In addition, organisations seeking recognition as GTOs in Queensland may wish to consider the following questions:

  • Why would employers change their previous training habits to become customers of the proposed GTO?
  • What is the organisation's competitive advantage?
  • How might competitors react to the organisation entering the group training market?
  • Would there be any adverse effects on other training organisations? For example, would there be a substitution of training effort undertaken by industry and/or other GTO?

Market size and trends

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training has developed an employment projections and mix table to assist in estimating the number of apprentices and/or trainees to be employed for the first and second years of operation. Complete this table and attach a copy to the application.

Organisations need to consider the following for the first year forecast:

  • time needed to establish the group training service
  • time needed for the GTO to become operational - that is, it may take a few months before the organisation can operate at full capacity
  • effects of the marketing strategy over time - for example, greater exposure and market acceptance.

When forecasting figures, take into account the potential effects of such things as seasonal influences (for example, the Christmas - New Year slowdown), industry trends, end of financial year sales and the weather.

(Note: Consideration should be given to expanding the table to include apprentice and trainee employment by industry sector, as charge-out rates and wages may differ between industries.)

Supply of potential apprentices and trainees

In today's economic environment, where skills shortages exist in many industries, and there is competition for job seekers, applicants will need to demonstrate the strategies they will use to attract a sufficient level of potential apprentices and trainees to ensure the viability of the GTOs operations.

Last updated 4 December 2018

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0)