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Any organisation wishing to be recognised as a group training organisation (GTO) in Queensland must apply to the department.

The Application for recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland form includes questions that require an applicant to demonstrate that the organisation meets the requirements of the group training organisation operational manual.

Once submitted, the department will make a determination on whether to recognise the applicant as a GTO based on an evaluation of the application.

The department will take approximately 4 weeks to process an application. This timeframe may vary, depending on the nature of the application and the amount of evidence and research provided by the applicant. For example, as part of its evaluation, the department may:

  • conduct its own research into the demand for the proposed services
  • contact organisations that have supplied letters of support to verify their position, or to obtain further information
  • contact other state training authorities
  • request company searches
  • request further information from the applicant.

Last updated 2 March 2018

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