The Renewable Energy Gateway to Industry Schools project (GISP_RE) facilitates sustainable partnerships between industry, government and the education sector to:

  • advance Queensland's Clean Energy Workforce Roadmap
  • provide support and assistance to Queensland teachers and students
  • promote the pathways to renewable energy industries to allow students to self-select pathways to industry
  • guide future training.

GISP_RE broadens science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) knowledge to diversify and assist in accelerating future skills and opportunities towards the renewable energy industry. Queensland is currently undertaking a significant energy transformation to transition to renewable energy, supported by a skilled renewable energy workforce.

The renewable energy industry encompasses:

  • renewable energy generation (e.g. wind and solar)
  • storage (e.g. batteries and pumped hydro)
  • transmission and distribution
  • manufacturing of components.

Occupations and skill sets within this industry include:

  • electrical trades
  • construction roles
  • technicians
  • engineers
  • science and technology professionals to develop, construct, operate and maintain renewable energy projects.

From generation, transmission, distribution, storage and manufacturing, GISP_RE offers various opportunities for schools to become involved.

Through actively engaging with industry, Gateway schools are provided with the advantage of timely learning and experiences for teachers and students to support a strong renewable energy future.

Programs offered include:

  • Involve programs (Years 9–10)
  • Activate programs (Years 11–12)
  • Gateway Days (teacher STEAM professional development and currency in industry).

GISP_RE welcomes teachers from all schools to participate in the Gateway Days and activities.

This project is a key action out of Queensland's Clean Energy Workforce Roadmap and complements Queensland Government's Future Energy Jobs Guide to create a skilled, renewable energy ready workforce that will support Queensland's exciting and fast-growing renewable energy sector.

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Last updated 3 July 2024

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