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The information on this page is predominantly for current group training organisations and organisations looking to become a group training organisation. If you are an employer looking for information on group training or how to become a host employer of an apprentice through a group training organisation:

What is a group training organisation
A short definition and explanation of the role and responsibilities of a group training organisation (GTO).

Operational manual
The group training organisation operational manual provides information on operating requirements, evaluation, the application process, closure of a GTO and the cancellation of recognition.

Recognition as a group training organisation
Information about the process involved to be recognised as a GTO in Queensland.

Group training organisation audits
Group training organisations in Queensland are required to maintain compliance against the National Standards for Group Training Organisations. This section outlines the standards and their application within the recognition process for GTOs.

Contact a group training organisation in your area.

Forms and resources
Application and audit forms.

Last updated 30 May 2023

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