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The Regional Skills Adjustment Strategy (RSAS) is a $15 million three year Queensland Government funded initiative delivered by TAFE Queensland to support regional workforces to navigate economic change.

Through the strategy, identified workers and workforces will be offered support to gain foundation, employability and technical skills to transition to the jobs of the future.

Assistance will be provided to:

  • workers at risk of losing their job due to economic change
  • retrenched workers
  • workforces impacted by whole-of-industry adjustment.

The strategy will be delivered by TAFE Queensland, and will complement existing programs under the Queensland Government's Back to Work initiative and Annual VET Investment Plan.

Support provided by the strategy will be responsive — targeting workers that are at risk of being displaced from traditional industries, and providing a regional response to workers retrenched as a result of significant company closures.

The strategy will also provide proactive support to employers in target industries, including resources, manufacturing, infrastructure, food processing and agriculture sectors, to build workforce resilience and address skills or labour shortages.

Assistance will be tailored to suit the needs of each region based on community and industry consultation, and the population groups to be targeted.

The toolbox of assistance measures that will be available in each region will include:

  • career planning and other assessments
  • employability skills (may include literacy and numeracy, digital and specific vocational skills)
  • training (may include nationally recognised, industry recognised or non-accredited training)
  • other individual support.

Local employers will also be engaged to provide work experience and job opportunities for participants.

In the event of a significant company closure, TAFE Queensland will participate in workplace briefings, and utilise RSAS funding to provide direct support for workers displaced by the closure.

The package of assistance available will be based on the needs of individual workers, and influenced by advice from workers about career aspirations. Career and foundation skills assessments may be available to the workers, and TAFE Queensland will design the appropriate response from the range of assistance outlined above.

Under the strategy, TAFE Queensland will also coordinate statewide responses for workers impacted by whole-of-industry adjustment, specifically those facing economic challenges in regional areas.

TAFE Queensland will assist employers in the resources, manufacturing, infrastructure, food processing and agriculture sectors, and support workers in these industries to gain the skills necessary to adjust to new and emerging roles with their employer or in the same industry.

Training and support programs will be tailored to the needs of each industry, employer and worker, and may include individual assessments and the delivery of nationally recognised, industry recognised and non-accredited training.

Where training is nationally recognised, TAFE Queensland will access subsidies available under the Annual VET Investment Plan.

If this training is not currently subsidised under the plan, the department will consider introducing funding for the qualification or skill set.

If training is industry-recognised or non-accredited, TAFE Queensland will access funding for the training under the strategy at a level to be negotiated with the department.

A co-contribution fee may apply for RSAS-funded training, similar to other Queensland Government subsidised training under the Annual VET Investment Plan (e.g. Certificate 3 Guarantee).

The level of fees payable may change based on individual circumstances or be contributed by a third party (e.g. employer).

More information

For more information and regional contact details, view the Regional Skills Adjustment Strategy fact sheet (PDF, 207KB).

Last updated 28 October 2019

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