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Key changes 2016 to 2018

Operating Framework

A new framework has been developed to:

  • enhance the program governance, efficiency and effectiveness
  • incorporate clear objectives and related measureable outputs and outcomes.

Program Steering Committee

New governance arrangements include the establishment of a steering committee that will make recommendations to the department about:

  • the process for reviewing industry mix
  • the selection of service providers
  • performance management considerations
  • the return on investment.

Implementation of service agreements

Service agreement will typically be up to three calendar years.

These new arrangements are designed to:

  • provide improved continuity to schools and industry service providers
  • align program activity to the school calendar.

Service providers

Profile and leadership

  • Stronger industry profile.
  • Partnership requirements for participating schools.
  • Industry reference group established.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Service providers and participating schools will sign a MOU that sets out roles and contributions of each party including reporting requirements. A template is being developed and will be circulated for comments.


Stronger performance expectation

  • Evidence of at least one partnership with the industry.
  • Formal relationship via MOU.

Project application process

Schools must apply to participate. For more information on how to apply contact the relevant project manager.

Last updated 2 March 2018

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